We care about the environment

Cuidamos el medio ambiente

In Incaltec Industrial we are concerned not only about offering a high quality product, capable of performing with maximum performance throughout its life, but also about the fact that this quality in the process does not entail a negative impact on the environment.

In light of this, with a strong environmental commitment, we have invested a huge amount of economic, technological and human resources in order to achieve our goal of meticulously respecting all the international indications for waste treatment and harmful gas emissions.

To make it possible we have the most advanced technology, with the separation of polluting waste and recycling thereof.


In Incaltec Industrial we have always had ensuring the final quality of the product as a fundamental premise.

For this, we have provided ourselves with the most advanced and precise technology for the control of the process, that is fundamental in order to guarantee the optimal production conditions. We also submit each of the parts that come out of our production chain to rigorous tests in which each element is brought under extreme operating conditions in order to check that each part that leaves our plant meets our high levels of requirement.

Proof of all this is that our products show the accreditation of a Product that is in accordance with the Standards of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

Detalle de calidad

Conditions of Guarantee

Cuidamos el medio ambiente

INCALTEC radiators are guaranteed for a period of 10 years against manufacturing defects as long as the following can be considered:

  • The installation was carried out by qualified technicians based on current regulations.
  • The installation requirements described in the previous paragraph were complied with.
  • The cleaning was carried out avoiding abrasive products or solvents.