Proceso de fabricación de radiador de aluminio

The new CB radiator offers an exclusive and modern contemporary line, the result of a careful design that combines aesthetic innovation with the best functionality.

It is a particularly pleasant radiator, suitable for facilitating the best thermal emission.

It can be harmonised with all types of furniture, while providing the home with the heat sought by the whole family during cherished moments.

It is all united in the same radiator: exclusivity and thermal performance.

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Technical specifications

Especificaciones técnicas Serie CB

Technical Characteristics

The radiators are composed of elements made of injected aluminium, prepared to work with a water temperature of up to 110 degrees Celsius and are particularly suitable for operation at low temperatures. Each radiator is tested unitarily at a pressure of 9 bar to guarantee has been perfectly sealed.

It must be ensured that the installation does not exceed 6 bar of maximum pressure and water inlet speeds higher than 0.55 m / sec are not recommended. Painting is carried out in two phases:

• Application of acrylic paint using the anaphoresis process.
• The electrostatic epoxy polyester process is used for final finishing.
• Colour RAL 9010.

Detalle de radiador de aluminio Serie CB

Installation requirements

INCALTEC radiators are optimally used in both single-tube and twin-tube systems. They can be used without problems in installations with iron, copper or plastic pipes.

The use of an automatic vent installed in each radiator is recommended.
In case of not using an automatic purging system, the radiator should never be completely isolated from the rest of the installation. This point must be considered above all when never isolating monotube installations.

The maximum work pressure is 6 bar.

Esquema montaje radiador CB

The PH of the installation must be between 7 and 8, and must not contain corrosive elements that attack the metals.
The use in the installation of treatments with HS 23 Al Cillit type polyamides or similar is recommended in order to avoid the corrosion and the formation of incrustations.

For cleaning, only use a cloth dampened in water, avoiding abrasive products or solvents.
The installation must be set at a minimum distance with the radiator at 25 mm with respect to the wall, 120 mm with respect to the ground and 100 mm with respect to any superior element (see diagram).

To avoid noise derived from radiator dilation, the use of INCALTEC plastic brackets is recommended (see photo).